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Do you have what it takes to be a Creative Placemaker?

Hosted by the joint Rutgers University-Newark and New Jersey Institute of Technology Theatre program, the CCP forum for Professional Artists and Graduate Arts and Design students will help you explore:

--- How you can become a Creative Placemaking Leader in the community

--- What you need to learn to develop their Community Leadership capacity

The purpose of the forum is to introduce the field of practice, give a broad overview of what’s involved in being a leader of the practice in a community and to stimulate thinking and interest in learning more about Creative Placemaking as a new professional art form.

The forum will take place on April 13th from 6:00 PM –9 PM at NJIT. Format for the evening will be a short informal meet and greet, group gathering for an overview of Creative Placemaking followed by 4-15 minute concurrently running sessions to touch on topics which will stimulate thinking about how you might become engaged in Creative Placemaking. The sessions will be the focal point and every participant will attend all four sessions.

Each session will be led by one of the cross-discipline professional artists who participated in a CCP series of “Think Tank” sessions on the topic. Once all participants have participated in the four sessions, we will re-convene for presentations of two case examples and an extended group discussion with all participants.

Event Timeline

Gathering 6:00-6:15 - Kupfrian Hall #117, NJIT Campus

Group Convening—“What is Creative Placemaking?” 6:15-6:30

Concurrent Sessions 6:35-7:45  “Think Tank Group” Professionals

Case Examples 7:45-8:10

Full Participant Q & A Forum 8:10-9:00

Concurrent Sessions

How can I apply my artist skill sets in the Civic Engagement capacity?

  • Name my unique skill sets
  • Where’s my seat at the planning table?

Led by: Gianfranco Archimede—Photographer specializing in cultural landscapes, architecture and negotiating value of historic places; Director of Historic Preservation and cultural resource management for the City of Paterson

What is “deliberative culture” and how can I participate in it?

  • A look at the meaning-making process
  • Taking up the scattered voices in the community and exploring paths to inclusion in the placemaking process

Led by: Elizabeth Sowell-Zak--Award winning Painter, Speaker, Artist Organizer

How can I become an agent of change, an economic actor who engages in the growth and sustainability of the community?

  • How does arts and culture contribute to sustainability?Creative thinking about an unconventional audience.

Led by: Susan Pellegrini—Video Artist—Producer/Director, Synergy Productions

How does all of this create a larger market for my art and a new professional pathway?

  • Why is Creative Placemaking a new Art Form?
  • What would my job look like?

Led by: Larry Tobias--Theatre artist—Actor, Musician, Composer, Director, Writer, Producer

Case Examples—

Colette Santasieri, PhD., Director, Strategic Initiatives, NJ Innovation Institute/NJ Institute of Technology—“The Importance of Creative Placemaking in Transit Oriented Development Neighborhoods”

Krzysztof Czyżewski, Urban Civic Initiative Visiting Professor--Director, The Borderland Foundation, International Center for Dialogue, Krasnagruda,Poland—“Arts-Based conflict resolution strategies”